Concealing Blinds Through Innovation

Concealing Blinds Through Innovation

Concealing Blinds

in Windows, Gables and Skylights



Innovative solutions to conceal blinds.

Blindspace delivers solutions to conceal any type of blind, in any type of window or skylight. The hidden space inside the wall or ceiling, can be accessed for blind installation when construction work is completed. The unique Blindspace design provides millimeter precision and a better finished aesthetic than traditional building methods and it saves you time in both design and installation.

Property Owners can access built-in Blindspace® boxes prepared for electric blinds and chose to install one or multiple concealed blinds in any window, gable or skylight.

Interior Designers can design windows with Blindspace covers installed flush with the ceiling, painted with emulsion paint to match the surrounding or faced with another material such as timber. 

Architects can access drawings, technical specifications and design consultations to easily design and future-proof residential and commercial buildings with recessed Blindspace® boxes.

Glazing Companies can offer clients that are buying bi-folding doors, sliding doors, roof lanterns, skylights and other larger glazing areas the added value of not worrying about blinds.

Blind Specialists can order standard or bespoke boxes of any size, with no minimum order quantity and have boxes delivered in full lengths or pre-cut to size with installed end caps.

Property Developers can future-proof buildings enabling home owners or tenants to install and replace concealed blinds of their choice to work with their home automation system.

Hidden blinds in shaped window and skylight windowHidden blinds in shaped window and skylight window
Concealed blinds in window, gable and skylight
Concealed honeycomb blinds in gable window
Concealed roller shades. Hidden TV. Concealed rooflight blinds.
Concealed blinds in bifold doors. Bi-fold. Bi-folding doors.
Hidden Electric Blinds in Every Window. Bedroom blinds. Kitchen blinds. Livingroom blinds.
Concealed blinds in London kitchen extension.




Blindspace® boxes can be installed in any direction. This enables concealment of blinds, side channels and guide wires for blinds travelling in any direction. You can order our boxes and covers in any size and shape with no minimum order quantity. Blindspace provides you with millimeter precision and a sophisticated finish while saving installation time in comparison to bespoke blind pockets made in timber and plasterboard at site. We provide options for drylining and suspended ceilings. 

The Blindspace® hinge cover is easy to install and requires no screws. The patented solution enables fully closed covers to conceal boxes and wires, as a future hidden option for concealed blinds. The hinge cover has an inbuilt safety feature in that the hinge catches the cover if opened.


Download configurations, size charts & drawings

Blindspace. Blind box. Blindbox. Bulkhead. Headbox. Drawing. DWG.

You find all technical details including DWG files, Blindspace® configurations and images for download here.

Download Resources

Download installation instructions to conceal blinds

Blindspace Installation Instructions

We have gathered all information on how to conceal blinds including how to measure, adjust box sizes and install our boxes here.


Reduces time, cost, need for blind expertise, and risk of delays, during construction work.

Enables the design of new houses having the option for future concealing of any blind.

Simplifies and reduces time for
architects to provide for concealed blinds.

Guarantees end result with millimeter precision and minimum visual impact.

Enables later access to installed blinds for maintenance or replacement of blinds.

Reduces the space needed above or around the window to hold concealed blinds.



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Swedish design. London showroom. Global projects.

Blindspace is an innovation-driven company founded in Sweden at the historic cotton mill Nääs Fabriker in 2016. Our mission is to provide more people with beautiful, bright and energy-efficient places in which to live, work, and play. Being the preferred choice among architects, contractors and shading specialists, to conceal blinds in any window.

Blindspace is to our knowledge the only company in the world focusing solely on developing solutions to conceal blinds. Pioneering a new product category, we spend a lot of time and efforts in educating and supporting designers, architects and contractors. Read our ebook on concealed blinds here. Stay updated on our news here.

We have filed several patent applications and will continue to innovate for and with our customers and partners. One of our early inventions is a hinge corner and cover that can be installed in any direction without any screws. This enables the concealment of window blinds, side channels, skylight blinds, gable blinds and bottom-up blinds. The hinge cover has an inbuilt safety feature in that the hinge holds the cover when opened.

We partner with companies globally for mutually beneficial relationships. This includes blind specialists, blind manufacturers, AV companies, and architectural glazing companies. We develop and provide standard and bespoke solutions, design support, drawings, samples and training. Please contact us to discuss opportunities.

A key Blindspace partner when starting Blindspace has been Grants Blinds, a leading bespoke window tailoring company in London. Our products are extensively featured in gable windows, bi-folding doors, and skylights in Grants' showroom, designed by David Salisbury. The showroom features recessed electric blinds, honeycomb blinds, blackout blinds, skylight blinds and flyscreens from companies such as Lutron, Somfy, Guthrie Douglas and SHY. The showroom is located at the Chelsea Gardener, 125 Sydney Street. Please contact us for appointments in the showroom.

Follow us on social media to learn more about our company, products, inspiring projects, and customer installations. Stay updated on our news here.